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DragonFire Cremation Jewelry - blown glass memorial keepsakes, handmade glass ornament with ashes

Dealing with the death of a loved one and beloved pet is difficult and trying process. As we were forced to deal with grief and the emptiness left behind, it seemed that nothing can replace the loss and all you are left with are memories. Going through this, gave us greater appreciation for the need to keep that lasting memories close to our hearts. Providing handmade one-of-a-kind cremation jewelry has brought on a great fulfillment in our lives. Being able to provide a little bit of peace, a smile or even some happiness to someone who's grieving has provided us with a purpose to our life.

Here at DragonFire Glass Cremation Jewelry we can’t bring back the love you lost, but we can give you the warm feeling of having your beloved close to you forever.

These special cremation pendants and cremation beads are made with utmost care and respect. We started glassblowing 19 years ago and few years ago we opened an Etsy store, slowly moving our sale to online. You are very welcomed to visit our Etsy store at You will be able to see our glass pendants

DragonFire Cremation Jewelry - custom cremation glass jewelry, handmade memorial jewelry with ashes
 and to see our 5-stars reviews. Since Etsy does not permit cremation jewelry with human ashes we have started our own website and called it - DragonFire Cremation Jewelry, but then in early 2020 during the outbreak we had to change the name. We decided to just go to the beginning, We only work on one order at a time and you can have confidence knowing that every order is identified with your name and order
DragonFire Cremation Jewelry - borosilicate glass jewelry, hand blown glass memorial keepsakes
number. We have special procedures in place to ensure accuracy. All our cremation jewelry arrives to you in a white gift box perfect for save keeping. You will also get a Certificate of Authenticity with every cremation keepsake.

The glass we use is Borosilicate glass, better known as Pyrex. We use a burner torch to melt and form glass rods and glass tubes. Borosilicate (or "boro", as it is often called) is used extensively in the glassblowing process called lampworking.

 Borosilicate is referred to as "hard glass" and has a higher melting point (approximately 3,000 °F / 1648 °C). It is an “engineered “glass developed specifically for use in laboratories and quality cookware.  The most used and prevalent type of glass is Soda-lime glass. It is usually used for windowpanes and glasses and some commodity items. Soda-lime glass accounts for about 90% of manufactured glass.

One of the differences between Soda-lime glass and Borosilicate glass is their thermal resistance. Borosilicate glasses are resistant to thermal shock more than StarDust Cremation Jewelry - made to order cremation ornaments, custom glass memorial jewelryother kinds of common glass. It can go from freezer to oven and back again. In terms of hardness, Borosilicate glass is harder, stronger and more durable than Soda-lime glass. This is the main reason why we use Borosilicate glass in making the cremation jewelry. Strength and durability.  A quick Google search will give you even more information.