Q. What type of ashes do you work with?
We work with all types of ashes, including: Human cremains, Pet ashes, Fire ashes. We can also make the Stainless Steel jewelry with fur, hair and other special materials.

Q. How much of cremains are required and how do I ship them to you?When you place your order with us, we will ship to you a collection kit for the ashes with complete instructions. Since the glass magnifies what is in it, we only require small amount of ashes, between ¼ of a teaspoon to ½ a teaspoon per one keepsake. The instructions will tell you specifically how much is needed for your order. The shipping of the collection kit is included in the price.


Q. What does the collection kit include and how will I know that I receive the correct ashes in my keepsake?
The collection kit includes a self-addressed envelope, the little spoon for collecting the ashes, a clear pouch for cremains which is packed in bubble wrap in a gift box and instructions. The gift box has your name and the order number on the bottom and the clear pouch has an information sticker on it, which you fill out. We only work on one order at the time and everything stays together to ensure accuracy of the order.
Q. What do you do with the left over ashes?
We will send any unused ashes back to you with your completed order. We do not keep any ashes and we also do not throw away any ashes. If there is any ash in glass remaining after the keepsake is done, we will include that extra glass with your order (usually you will get an extra keepsake).
Q. How do the ashes appear in glass?
All our pictures of the cremation glass keepsakes on our website feature ashes in the product so you can see how your cremation jewelry will look. The ashes are clearly visible as air bubbles in gray or white color. All cremains will have slight differences in their appearance and colors.
Q. Can I combine ashes from more than one individual or pets and how do I order?
Yes, you can combine the ashes in one order as well you can order multiple keepsakes with multiple ashes. When you order there is a place to leave us a note or you can email us and we will send you the amount of clear pouches that you require in the collection kit.
Q. Can you use hair or other materials instead of ashes?
No, unfortunately we are unable to incorporate any other material in the process of making the cremation jewelry. Materials such as hair, bone, and teeth would immediately incinerate if we tried to melt them into glass on my 2,000 degrees torch. The only reason I’m able to encase cremation ashes in hot glass is because the ashes have already been reduced to their basic elements in the crematory.
Q. What are available color choices for cremation jewelry?
All Cremation Jewelry is available with many color options and we are adding new ones all the time. If you would like a different color, just let me know, I have many other colors available as well.
Q. What kind of glass do you use? Is it waterproof and how do I take care of my memorial keepsake?
The type of glass used to create all of our memorials is borosilicate glass, most commonly known as Pyrex glass. This is an ideal choice for your memorial as it is a laboratory grade glass, the clarity and strength is unsurpassed. After your memorial is created it will be annealed within a glass kiln to strengthen the piece even further.  While borosilicate is a very strong glass, it is not unbreakable, so please use caution and common sense when you are wearing your memorial jewelry.  This type of glass is perfect for everyday use; it is waterproof, heat resistant and can be taken out on very cold day and brought back into heat without any worries. There is no special care required.
Q. Do the pendants come with a cord? How will my cremation jewelry be packaged?
All our cremation jewelry is packaged in a white gift box, that can be used for safe keeping and it is ready to be worn right out of the box. All cremation pendants come with a black cord that’s 17 inches and adjustable to 19 inches. Please let us know if you require different length. Everything is handmade and many adjustments are possible.
Q. Who makes all the cremation jewelry?
Most of our cremation jewelry is made by me (Anna), with the help of my husband (Jay) Even though we have blown glass together for the past 18 years, each one of us has their own specific style and most of the time our creations are very different.


    Q. Shipping information

    WE DO NOT SHIP WORLDWIDE.  Please contact us if you want to place an order from outside of USA

    The regular USPS First Class Package shipping to United States of collection kit and the completed order is included in the price. The shipping of collection kit will take approximately 5 to 10 business days. We use the same shipping method to send your finished order.

    Please let me know if you would like your order expedited. There might be an extra charge for that.

    The buyer will be responsible for shipping the self-addressed envelope with the cremains back to me. You can check your shipping cost online at your postal service website. The envelope will be shipped to my location in Ruskin, Florida. I would recommend that you ship it with a tracking option.
    Q. Processing time
    The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. I try to do my best to make every order in less than 2 weeks with average of 1 week.
    Q. Customs and import taxes
    Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs.