Collection: Remembrance Beads

Those unique beads are created by mixing the ashes with molten borosilicate glass to form this swirling beauty of a glass Remembrance bead that you can wear close to your heart. Each bead comes on a black, 17 inches, adjustable to 19 inches cord. Please let me know if you would like more than one bead on the same cord. During the checkout process, you are able to leave a note for me with any instruction. 

Each bead is specially hand crafted for you, making it a very unique and truly one-of-a-kind memorial cremation jewelry necklace.

When you place your order, I will send you a self-addressed envelope which will include a gift box, spoon, small pouch for the ashes packaged in a bubble envelope. I will need 1/4 of a tsp of cremains for up to 3 beads. I will return any unused ashes.